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Online Coaching Session

Dr. Monica De Santis offers you the opportunity to take advantage of an online coaching session. The online presence of a friendly and competent professional figure can help you become aware of your discomforts and can be considered a valid alternative to periodic meetings in a professional's office.
The coaching session can guide you in understanding your problems and find ways to solve them. You will be able to create an autonomous life path that will allow you to realize yourself and  have a happier life. We weren't born to suffer! A better life is always possible!
Book an online coaching session with Dr. Monica De Santis now!

Dr. Monica De Santis and her staff ask you to respect these rules:
The audio and video connection is mandatory to participate in the meetings
Coaching sessions cannot be held  to minors without the consent of both parents
The coaching session will have a fixed duration: try to respect this limit, because there are other users waiting!
Payment is in advance
It is possible to cancel the appointment with 24 hours notice
If this deadline for cancellation is not respected, the session will not be refunded
The wait to schedule an online coaching session is approximately 1 or 2 weeks

The online coaching session offers many advantages:
You will have the professional you want at your disposal even if you live far away
It is useful to understand if a therapy is necessary for your case
It is an indispensable service for those people unable to move from home
It plays a preventive role of information and help to prevent symptoms from worsening
A virtual presence will allow you to expose your problems more serenely and to overcome any resistance

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